List Of Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB

Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB :: If you have written JAMB more than two times, you known how hard it feels to rewrite the same exam every year. But some times, the problem may not many not be that you did not pass the JAMB Exam, but it may be that you failed the POST UME which is the final stage a student has to pass through before he/she gains admission into the University.

Now our team has searched for those Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB, and we came up with the list below.

List Of Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB


You can gain admission into National Open University of Nigeria without writing JAMB, all you need to do is just apply directly to NOUN and you will be admitted. I know that this sounds some how to you but is 100% possible.

NOUN admits over 32,000 students every year, you only just get the Application Form and get admitted within few days, No JAMB Result is Required and the school is located throughout Nigeria.

You can apply for undergraduate, Diploma, Certification, Postgraduate, Masters & Ph.D Programmes in NOUN.


IJMB offers a 9 month A level program on which after completion, you will be qualified to gain admission to  200 level through Direct Entry into any of these Nigerian Universities like UNILORIN, UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA and ABU ZARIA etc. It only requires your O’level result which include WAEC, NECO, GCE etc.


Student can be admitted without JAMB and WAEC in some of these private institutions only on one condition, and that is when the studaent is getting to 300level or final year, he/she must submit the the basic admission requirements like JAMB and WAEC/NECO for clearance.


Universities like UNIPORT, DELSU, EBSU and many more, offers diploma and pre-degree program. Diploma as we know is a program that runs for 1/2/3 years depending on the school and course, on which upon completion you will gain admission into 200level through direct entry,  while pre-degree is a programm that runs for 7months to 9months depending on the school which gives you admission into 100level upon completion.

Universities like UNIPORT runs a BASIC programm which is just like the pre-degree program and it covers almost a year and candidate who pass are admitted into 100level.

So why wasting your time witting JAMB again and again every year, whereas there are Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB. You may use the comment box for your questions and contribution about these Nigerian Universities That Admit Student Without JAMB and don’t forget to help us and share it with your friends.

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