I Have Not Seen My Jamb Result – See Why And What To Do

Why I Have Not Seen My Jamb Result 

JAMB result

JAMB RESULT PROBLEMS: So many candidates that registered for 2017 JAMB keep complaining of “missing result” when they try to check their result after the exams . When a week or day eventually passes by and you still cannot see your result you start to panic and get nervous. This article solves your problem.

In most cases it shows You do not have any result yet or No result found when you try to check your JAMB result. This can be disheartening and provoking especially when you know you read religiously for the exam and didn’t involve in any sort of malpractice.

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Why does it says “You do not have any result yet ”?

JAMB indicated that the results of those candidates who took part in examination malpractice during the exam will not be made public.

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This is to say that those candidates that were participant to exam malpractice will not have any result.

For those who did not in any way engage in examination malpractice but cannot see their result is as a result of thorough scrutiny JAMB is making on the result. This analysis is carried out to be sure the candidate is not a victim of exam malpractice and this takes a while before they release your result.

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Most time when a candidate does not sign out before leaving could also lead to this problem as JAMB would assume you did not take the exam. So if you are in this situation, chill out and  keep checking for your 2017 JAMB results. Hopefully, your result will be made available to you in no distant time.

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