The Notion Behind The Ladies First Principle

Ladies first is a concept passed from generations and it has been used differently by both men and women for various purposes and to achieve different objectives. To men it is their symbol of giving and to women, it is a symbol of receiving.

Men use it to express love and care while women use it to identify a gentleman. It’s a sign of portraying your “gentle-manly” attributes in you.

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Ladies first has been described as gentlemen favorite sentence. Arguably, it is the most commonly heard phrase after “I love you”, “you look good” and “you are beautiful”. The phrase is used by both sexes on daily basis. Most  ladies long for it while the men make it their duty to supply and chant it like a rule.

Ladies First

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The origin of the phrase “ladies first” is very disputable and can be contested from many fronts. Many stories have it that it originates from Europe where Knights were expected to respect and honor the ladies.

Again, women and children are always rescued first during moments of emergency, war or disaster. So this grew as a norm and also a way of approach when you meet a lady.

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This phrase started as a sign of respect for women which is usually used to mean “after you please”. This does not however mean that ladies should always pass first through a door or other narrow passage.

The idea is that the gentleman who accompanies the lady will only let her pass first when entering a trusted environment. On the other hand, when entering an unknown place, or when departing a building, the gentleman is to go first.

The reason for this is that in case of any danger on the other side of the door, the strong man can protect the lady.

Ladies First

For men, it is an evidence of refinement, fondness, and kindness. For others, it is a naturally and socially required etiquette to adopt and portray. In numerous situations, the idea of ladies first was seen as a well-groomed behavior from men.

If there is a queue, a man would be regarded as a gentleman to have allowed the ladies to go first or stand in first. Men, in their own timid world see it as basic behavior required of them whenever they are in the company of a lady or group of ladies.

In both cases a gentleman would never stare, indecently at any parts of a lady’s body. However, to some, it is a waste of time and they care less about it.

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From the perspective of many ladies, a well behaved gentleman will always let a lady pass through before him or open the door for her. Ladies see this as a basic behavior expected of a gentleman which shows politeness, courtesy, respect, groomed mannerism and even love.

Although many ladies still appreciate a seat on a crowded bus or a man holding a door, however, some have dissented to the idea of Ladies first.

Some see it as unnecessary courtesy while some say it irritates them and describes it as a busybody pretense by men. Some even see it as a tactic by the men to stare at them from behind or a disguise to pretense.

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