Ntel Nova Phone Specifications with Ntel Plans for 2018


Ntel has been making waves since they set up shop in Nigeria some few years ago. The data and voice service providers offer a variety of plans that are relatively cheap and works with the 4G network, which means that speed is guaranteed. One of the products that Ntel came with when they launch their network is the Ntel nova phone. In this page, we are going to cover Ntel Nova Phone Specifications and as well as their Ntel Plans for 2018. So, keep reading.

The Ntel nova phone is a 4G LTE enabled phone that performs all the function of a phone and still works as a Wi-Fi hotspot provider for any range of devices. Ntel Nova Phone Specifications

The phone has some fantastic features which are outlined below;

Ntel Nova Phone Specifications


  • Weight; 143g
  • Build; plastic
  • Colors; grey, rose gold, gold
  • Display; 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen
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  • Internal storage; 8GB
  • RAM; 1GB
  • External storage:
  • Battery; 1800mah


  • Rear camera; 5MP
  • Front camera; 2MP
  • Network and software
  • supports 4G LTE network
  • OS; Android v6.0

When you get the phone and insert you ntel sim card (ntel promo is on for now so when you purchase the sim, you get free 1GB and is valid for 48hours). The new ntel sim is called the WAWU sim, and it can be gotten at any ntel outlet in your area.

Furthermore, you also get 10GB when you register, and 500% bonus on all plans subscribe to for one year. This plan is fantastic and for now is the best deal you can get from any service provider.


Ntel Nova Phone Specifications

When you first purchase the sim, you will get two sims. One has the free 1GB, and the other has 10GB for one month with 1000 naira for calls. So with this sim, you will get 500% addition on top of every plan you subscribe to for a year.

For example, if you buy 1GB for #500, you will be given 6GB, and this also applies to others. Here are the plans and their promo equivalent.

Ntel MINI (COMBO) 7 days 1GB 1000 6GB
Ntel unlimited U-daily 2 days unlimited 1500
Ntel classic (DATA ONLY) 30 days 4GB 2500 24GB
Ntel Unlimited U-weekly 7 days unlimited 3750
Ntel classic (combo) 30 days 4GB 4000 24GB
Ntel max (data only) 30days 16GB 7500 96GB
Ntel max (combo) 30 days 16GB 10000 96GB

Note; combo is for voice and calls.

These plans are great for your device, and you can even do cheap unlimited plans if you want to. Ntel is also fast, and they use the 4G coverage which would not likely disappoint you. So get the sim at any of the stores around you, if you can locate one check their website at www.ntel.com.ng for the nearest store.

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