NYSC Online Registration and Call-up Letter Print Out Guideline & Requirement

This article is specially written for those who want to complete the NYSC Online Registration and Call-up Letter Print Out. The whole process involved here is very simple and easy, just follow the step guide instruction below.
Before you proceed and carry out the NYSC online registration and also printing of NYSC Call-up letter online, you only need the following listed below before you can get started with online registration.

Requirements for NYSC Online Registration

  • You need a Computer with internet access.
  • Thumb-printing device
  • Active or valid Email account

Step Guide To Start Your NYSC Online Registration

1. Go to the online registration website at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/

2. When the homepage opens, click the “Registration for Mobilization Batch” button. You have to create an account, before you enter the main NYSC online registration form.NYSC Online Registration

3. Once you click the Registration for Mobilization Batch” button, you will see 3 different categories which are:

(i)Fresh Registration: This means that it’s your first time to register in this website and that you haven’t been deployed before by NYSC.

(ii) Revalidation: This means that you have been deployed in a previous NYSC batch but did not show up in camp.4. Since it’s your first time, click the “Fresh Registration” to start your online registration. Here you will be required to provide your email address, then select a secret question and provide an answer to it.NYSC Online RegistrationAfter that, a pop-up will show, informing you that your email account has been saved and that you need to visit your email to verify.

5. Kindly login your email account and verify your email registration with NYSC portal in order to continue the main online registration.

6. Once done with the above step, you will be taken to the registration form where you have to fill till you get to “Matric No. or ID No” then click Look Senate.

7. Now wait for the page to bring out your full details which includes; Full name, Matric Number, Class of Degree, Matric Number, Date of Graduation, and Jamb Registration number.

8. Once you finished filling the form, select that you agree and then click “Submit and Continue” to proceed to the next step.

NYSC Online Registration – Payment Option

There are various payment option available, so you choose the one that is more convenient to you. (Remita, Master Card, Visa card, Mobile Wallets, Internet Banking etc). Kindly click on it and it will automatically show your information summary again

Then click “Proceed to Payment” and provide the required information to complete your online payment.

You can as well Click on “Proceed without Payment”

Now you will be directed to the Thumb printing page where you will provide your left Thumb and right Thumb.

Ensure that the Thumb printing machine is already connected to your computer before you start. Once you are done, click  “Proceed”, to head straight where you fill other information and upload your Passport.

Now you can make your payment, so as to be able to print out your NYSC slip.

Once your payment is completed, you will now proceed to fill out your Primary and Secondary, and Higher institution  school details, Your cloth sizes and shoe sizes, then printing of slip.

How To Go About Call-up Letter Print out

When the mobilization timetable gives direction to print Call-up letter, visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng and login to your NYSC account with your email and password.

Once you see the Call-Up letter link, click to preview, then click Print to start printing.

NOTE: Print your NYSC Online registration Slip and the Call-Up letter or “COLOUR PRINT”.

If you encounter any challenges during your registration, kindly use the comment box below to indicate.

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