Paul Pogba’s Father Passes On | Man United Star Paul Pogba’s Father dies

Paul Pogba’s father
Paul Pogba and his Dad before his Dad passes on

On Friday night, Paul Pogba’s father the Manchester United Fan’s father died after a brief illness on Friday 12th May, 2017. His dad, identified as Fassou Antoine Pogba has been battling with illness for a long time before he finally gave up the ghost at the age 79 years.

Paul Pogba is a French proficient footballer who plays for Premiere League and France National Team. He functions as a central midfielder and plays well in attack and defence.

Paul Pogba’s father

He began his career with the Manchester United Club in 2011. He’s known as the most promising young players in the world. He scored his first world cup goal on 30th June 2013 against Nigeria.

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He had a close relationship with his dad and blesses him for his achievements and always being there for him. Fassou Antoine Pogba, father to Florentin, Mathias and the Manchester United star, was battling illness before his death.

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