Planning A Perfect Wedding | Guidelines For Perfect Wedding

Guidelines For Perfect Wedding – Wedding is a nuptial ceremony and it is supposed to be a memorable day. One tends to be so excited and happy after engagement and this may cause putting down budgets without thinking of the logistics of what goes into planning a day worth remembering.

For an individual to have a memorable day certain guidelines are needed. Planning a perfect Wedding is not easy, therefore we have come up with some guidelines For Perfect Wedding.

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1. DO NOT BE IN A RUSH: After engagement make sure you are not in a hurry to have your wedding, simply have a picture of the kind of wedding you wish to have.

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2. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER: After picturing your dream wedding, the next step is to hire a wedding coordinator. The problem most people have is that they think they can do all the planning themselves. Hire someone that plans on the details of the wedding day this helps to reduce the stress.

3. CHECKOUT YOUR VENUE BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY: Some couple tend to leave most of the planning for the wedding coordinator and this is not right. Going to the venue beforehand, helps to know how the place is and how the setting of the wedding will be.

4. BOOK YOUR OFFICIANTS: This is one of the important guidelines for Perfect Wedding. knowing and assigning duties to officiants will help make your day run smoothly and memorable.

5. BOOK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BEFOREHAND: Make sure you hire your photographer on time and then tell the person the order you wish the photographing to take.

6. TRY AND MEET YOUR CATERERS: Hire the service of a caterer weeks before your wedding takes place. Give the caterers a list of dishes you want that day.

7. RECORD KEEPING: Have a detailed record of the money spent hiring a wedding planner, hiring a photographer, a caterer and so on. This helps you know how much you have spent and how to curtail your spending.

Planning A Perfect Wedding

SEND OUT YOUR WEDDING INVITATION/CARD: Design and print your invitations like 8 months before your wedding day. Make sure you have a lot of spares, this will help you dispatch  your invitations on time.

BUY GIFTS EARLY: Buy your gifts like 6 months earlier this helps you to buy affordable gifts. This will also help  you to have a great memorable day.

DECIDE ON WHERE YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR HONEYMOON: Plan and decide on the place you wish to have your honeymoon, whether you are leaving the town or not, then book a honeymoon suite beforehand.

With these guidelines for perfect wedding, you will have a stress free and a happy wedding, after Planning A Perfect Wedding. But have it in mind that on your wedding day things might not go exactly as planned. But remember it is a fun day regardless of the mishaps.

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