President Trump Sacks FIB Director Jame Comey

Following a statement from White House spokesman Sean Spicer, President Trump Sacks FIB Director Jame Comey on Tuesday. This is because his  responsible for the bureau’s investigation into whether members of his campaign team colluded with Russia in its interference in last year’s U.S presidential election.
According to Trump’s letter to Comey, which said “It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.”

From the statement by the press secretary saying the president “terminated and removed” Comey from office. “based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

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This announcement by the press secretary sent shock and surprise to everybody in Washington. Although the bureau’s deputy director, had already occupied the position of acting director. Meanwhile  a search for a new permanent FBI director will begin as soon as possible.

Jame Comey was nominated by President Barack Obama for the FBI post in 2013 to a 10-year term.

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