Pros And Cons Of Owning A Pet


It is not an easy decision to get a pet. As every other thing, it requires care and much attention. Besides, the majority of pets require intensive training. Nevertheless, the time spent for your home friends is definitely worth it, as it’s always good to come home and see this cute small creature waiting for you. If you are exactly in the middle of making a decision whether to get a pet or not, learn about all the pros and cons and don’t forget to get acquainted with the cutest pets on Jiji.

PROS Owning A Pet



No matter what kind of pet you opt for, be sure to experience increased love affection from their side. Pets have this unique capability to calm us down and relieve from all kinds of stress like no one else can. Besides, they can help us out of slumps and can turn a bad day into a much more better one.

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Owning a pet can teach us valuable life lessons. Particularly, it regards training the pets, which is a real patience lesson for us ourselves. As to your kids, treating your pet well can be a lesson of how to be gentle and understanding.



Most of pets possess a unique feeling of empathy. They literally sense when you feel fine or bad. Whether you have argued with your colleague at work or just had a bad day, be sure to find support at home, where your little friend is looking forward to your arrival.

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Getting a pet is especially important for young families who have plans to have children. It is a good kind of training as it is a huge responsibility. Don’t take this responsibility if you’ve got an over scheduled life and you won’t be able to devote your pet enough time and attention.



There is a high risk that you might face an unexpected allergy after bringing a cat or a dog home. And it can only worsen the situation if the animal stays at your home for longer. To prevent this, you will either have to take some anti-allergy pills (which might be not the best solution for your health) or give the pet you’ve already fallen in love with away.

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Another drawback of owning a pet is all those unexpected expenses you will have to carry. As any other human being, a dog or a cat requires being healthy and happy as well. So be prepared to spend extra expenses on vaccination from madness, parasitic worms, and other diseases. If you decide on taking a puppy or a kitten, it will be necessary to buy them some toys, so they can play with them – sharpening one’s claws, biting, or chewing. Nevertheless, such toys do not cost much and you can easily buy them on Jiji – the widest range of goods and services for your pets are all here at the lowest prices.

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