Role Of Enzyme In Agriculture – Important Of Enzyme in Agric Industry

Role Of Enzyme In Agriculture

Role Of Enzyme In Agriculture – Enzyme plays important role in Agriculture, the following are the role of Enzyme in Agriculture.

Role Of Enzyme In Agriculture

1. Enzyme, when sprayed around animal farm surroundings, it helps to reduce infection / To keep insects away. It is proven that the farm is less smelly and is flies free

2. Enzyme is added in the Feed and the water to feed the animals

3. One of the important Role Of Enzyme In Agriculture is that with Enzyme, animal wastes become odorless & is a natural fertilizer for plants

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4. When pond has animal wastes,enzyme when added to the pond, resolves the wastes into non toxic wastes so that even plants can grow on the pond.

5. ENZYME is natural nutrient for the soil. Vegetable can grow healthily within a short period.

6. The transformation of sandy land to rich healthy farm land 1 st Month after use of enzyme 2nd Month

7. The progress of the plantation in the sandy soil land 3 rd Month 4th Month With ENZYME , the vegetable can grow faster.

8. Branches of a plant can grown newly, after watering with enzyme which will make it healthier, greener & bigger.

9. When an Orchid plants are sprayed with ENZYME once a week. The enzyme helps to boost the process of blooming and the root is also stronger after spraying with ENZYME.

10. With Enzyme 60% of the Orchid is flowering every time.

11. Even Earth worms like to drink Enzyme

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12. With Enzyme The fruits increases, and vegetable grows well.

13. On a Harden soil, nothing can grow, but after treating with Enzyme, the soil is soft and rich, so that vegetable can grow well.

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