Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Specs & All You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date – In the android market, Samsung is one of the most prominent brands, and it’s tough to see that being taken away from them anytime soon. They have continued to manufacture phones that beat the odds and create apps that have so many users in anticipation of their next innovation. Their s-series is one of the most sought-after phones and for users who desire high-end devices, Samsung is one brand that rarely disappoints.

The phone they make are relatively affordable, comes in different types for everyone and has a lot of amazing features. The Samsung note series is about to have a new addition, and that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Samsung note 9 as the name suggests will be the ninth phone in the Samsung galaxy note series and it’s going to be released on the 9th of August. For those who are anticipating, we have compiled features and information’s that will give you a peek at the package to be expected;

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
The possible features of Samsung galaxy note 9

The phone Processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845) and should support External storage around 512gb. Just like all the phones that Samsung has been making recently the display of the phone should be about 6.4 inches or even more.

The battery would also see an improvement for the 3300mah of the former version and would be from 3850mah to 4000mah.

The camera of galaxy s9 could be improved on and used for the note 9. Furthermore, according to rumors making round, there will be a new artificial intelligence feature called Bixby.

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The feature will be a virtual personal assistant with no limit to its learning and how much its knowledge can expand.

Other features of the phone could include a Fingerprint sensor, Revamped design, and the price will still be in the same range as the current note 8.

Samsung galaxy note 9 is a phone to anticipate, and its release will surely please of lots of Samsung users and gadgets lovers. So just keep the date, August 9, and wait to see how wonderful the Samsung note 9 will turn out.

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