See Five Practical Steps to Guard Your Phone From Water Damage

Our smartphones have become the main part of our life circle. When the season is rainy, we lose a lot of phones. This post will give you the tips to Guard your phone from Water Damage. When water finds its way through the open ports of our smartphones, it instantly kills the phone. This of course should prompt us to use our smartphones more carefully during the rainy seasons.

What destroys the phone faster is when you try using it when water touches it. It fastens the damage level of the internal circuitry.

New technological innovative has been able to invent water resistant phones anyway. However, if your phone doesn’t fall in this category, Here are five practical steps to follow so you Guard your phone from Water Damage or to recover your phone when it enters water.

How To Guard your phone from Water Damage

The rice method

This method simply involves using a bowl of uncooked rice to drain out the water from your phone. As soon as your phone gets wet, power it off straight away, dry the water you can on the phone, remove the battery and Memory card and put it in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice soaks in the moisture completely. Keep it in this position for a period of three days and more.

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Also If you are unsure whether your phone has dried completely or not,  You can take it to a qualified engineer or customer-care center for a detailed water-lodgement inspection and making necessary repairs.

Try using a headset

Touching your phone with wet hands is as problematic as water touching your phone.  If you must receive a call on your smartphone with a wet hand, use a Bluetooth/Wireless Headsets. This keeps your smartphone protected from rain drops too. It also protects the phone from unnecessarily usage and therefore prevents it from falling on the floor.

Get a hold of a waterproof case

A waterproof cover provides the ultimate protection for phone water security for you. Grab a waterproof phone case now and use your phone without any worries. While looking for your waterproof covers, look for one  that encloses the ports as well. The price is quite cheap. It’s sold around $3 (N1,500). It’s available on Konga and Jumia too.

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 Use a  Zip Lock Pouche

This can run as a substitute for the waterproof  phone case. They both play the same role. This is an ideal way to save your phone from getting ruined with water. Always ensure you lock the pouch carefully.

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Never charge the phone when wet

When your smartphone runs into water, never try to charge it. When you charge a wet phone, it might result in a short-circuit. This will fry the internal circuit and the connections on the main board and it might eventually damage the phone. Desist from charging the phone even if it’s low.

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