See Reasons Why You Should Start Fasting

Fasting can be defined as the abstinence from eating either food, drink for a defined period. Fasting could involve partial or total abstinence from some type of food for a day or a few days. It is also thought to be good at improving the overall health condition, vitality, and combating against disease. Here in this article, you will see the reasons why you should start fasting, and how important it is.

Fasting is also recognized as one of the most powerful spiritual disciplines especially recognized with the Christians. Why You Should Start FastingIt is really difficult for some people to skip food for a day or even give up their regular snacks.

If you are one of them, here are the top reasons why you need to make fasting a habit in your life.

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Reasons Why You Should Start Fasting


Detoxification is a natural body exercise whereby the body neutralizes or remove any kind of toxins in the different organs like the liver, colon, lungs, or skin. In the process of fasting, the body relies on the fat deposits for energy,. This releases chemicals from its reserve and leads to the removal of these chemicals through the same organs.


For a long period of time, fasting has been and is still been used as a medium of fighting obesity. Medically, fasting proves to be the easiest and best method of removing excess fat with an acceptable amount of minimum risks to one’s health. Fasting activates the liver enzymes and reducing the fat and cholesterol into important bile acids, thereby stimulating the metabolism and converting the surplus fat into heat.

It has also been medically proven that fasting can make you fatter. The strength of fasting is not just in losing weight during the fast, but in having to gain control over your appetite after the fast, which of course is a difficult task.

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The digestive organs are more relaxed during fasting, giving the digestive system the much needed break. Both digestion and elimination are invigorated after fasting.


Fasting is a natural aid in reducing insulin resistance, assisting with insulin sensitivity, helping the body to tolerate carbohydrate better than normal. This leads to a decrease in blood sugar level in the body, consequently decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.


The blood is filled with increased endorphins level after fasting. This makes the person more alert and living you with the mindset of a good mental health.

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