See The Top 5 Mobile App At TechPlus In 2017


TechPlus is Africa’s largest tech meeting where new technologies are launched and displayed. For 2017, these are the topmost 5 applications that made its way at their tech event and would soon, if not already pave way to the Nigerian market.

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Top 5 Mobile App At TechPlus In 2017

Below are the five major mobile apps at TechPlus in 2017.

(1). Reach

This product was launched by the former Executive of electronic payment J.R Kanu at Konga. Reach is a mobile key. It helps you track your spending. It tracks your spending daily, weekly and monthly.

The great thing about this product is that you really don’t have to provide your banking details, you’re only required to supply your name, phone number and date of birth and it solves your daily expenses.

Download for Android and iOS

(2). Bounce News

This product is a news application machine learning system that makes available to you what you want to read. The great thing abut this application is that it only delivers what you want or choose.

(3). Pins

This application helps you to protect your phone from thieves. This works by taking pictures and sending the location of the thief to you. With Pins installed on your smartphone, you could care less about pick pockets.

(4). Ask an expert

This application was launched at the Techplus conference on 6th July 2017. This makes available the possibility of people looking to get great answers to questions troubling their mind. You might be required to pay a small amount, maybe every 10 minutes when you interact with the expert – this entirely depends on the expect.

(5). Maliyo store

This application is related to games. It is an app store. It has successfully launched an app store for Nigerian app developers to get to the market.

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