Intriguing Vacation Centers In Nigeria You Never Knew


Vacation Centers In Nigeria – Vacation provides us with the opportunity to not just spend time with people dear to us, but it also afford us the privilege to make new friends.  Great connections and memories are formed during such adventures which will last for generations. It avails us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge from.

We will all agree that everybody love to enjoy the good things of life. Instead of the normal travel overseas, here are a few places to visit in Nigeria that would intrigue you.

Vacation Centers In Nigeria You Never Knew


  1. Obudu Cattle Ranch (Calabar)

    Vacation Centers In Nigeria

If you are a fan of golf and you want to enjoy the gift of nature, visit Obudu Ranch Resort. It is a wonderful place to go on vacation. There is a water park with water slide and a swimming pool, a golf course, night-time bonfires and horseback riding.

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This provides you an opportunity to bond with your dear ones and nature as you hike through forests and mountains while watching birds. The ranch comes with modern accommodation and you will enjoy admirable entertainment and quality food.

  1. Idanre Hills

The Idanre Hills is one of the amazing Vacation Centers In Nigeria which is situated in Idanre town in Ondo State. The beauty and the precise architectural design is amazing. A total of 640 steps is required to reach the top with 5 resting spots on the way. There is a crystal clear scenery of green vegetation surrounding the hills and a clear sight of the Arun River on the hill top.

  1. Ikogosi Warm Spring

    Vacation Centers In Nigeria

Ikogosi Warm Spring is a spring with natural warm water. The intriguing part is that the water flows side by side with a cold spring. Another are with a distinctive attraction is the spot where the two springs merge. The resort which is situated around the warm spring has various accommodations and recreational facilities suitable for family vacation.

  1. Lekki Conservative Center

If you are a lover of nature, try Lekki conservative center. It is a reserve for wildlife in Lagos. The natural habitats of this center are well preserved making it a vacation spot for nature lovers from around the world. It is located situated in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos, on Lekki Peninsula

  1. Okumu National Park, Edo State

    Vacation Centers In Nigeria

Are you looking for a picnic ground for you and your family? Visit Okomu National Park in Edo State. It is a rain forest in the state, popularly known as an avenue for family picnics. Your family will be amazed at the sight of White throated monkey, forest elephants and other 33 wildlife species.

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