Side Effects Of Drinking Mixed Alcohol

Side Effects Of Drinking Mixed Alcohol

Side Effects Of Drinking Mixed Alcohol.

Charles Bukowski would say;

“ If something bad happens, you drink in an attempt to forget. If something good happens you drink in order to celebrate, and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen

Drinking alcohol is not bad at all, but making it your everyday hangout friend is that bad!

The Side Effects of Drinking Mixed Alcohol

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Drinking is more like a habit people form for different reasons. The sad thing about this habit is that one easily falls liable to being an addict to it. Drinking is not bad but staying addicted to it is both risky and damaging to health.

A healthy quote for people who drink randomly is “Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable”

People take several type of drinks. We have the alcoholic drink, wine, tea, cedar, mead and several others. However, in this article, I’ll be looking strictly at the alcoholic drinks and the side effects of getting “too” addicted to it.

Teenagers and growing adults drink alcohol because they have low esteem and they feel taking it erases their problem. They also take it out of curiosity or because their friends are taking it.

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An alcoholic drink is one that contains alcohol (also known as ethanol). Alcohol is a sedative that causes excitement, stupor and unconsciousness. For most people, it reduces anxiety, anger and fear. It is used mostly as a recreational drug. It is used to celebrate, have fun and plays an important role in our social culture.

Apart  from being illegal, For teenagers, alcohol could harm the brain. Scientifically, teenagers or kid who start the habit of drinking alcohol are prone to becoming alcoholics in later future or abuse it stupidly.

There’s this new culture that exist in most campuses and drink joints. it’s the act of mixing alcohol and this has been turned to a normal culture. This new drill has several disadvantages which people are ignorant of.

Now what happens when we take or mix our alcoholic drinks?

When we drink, this is what goes on in our system.

The liver which we are all familiar with plays the role of removing alcohol from the blood. Now when our liver  cannot keep up this role because it is too much, the alcohol circulates to the brain and bloodstream, and when this happens, we move into the second stage of drinking which we all know as getting drunk (Intoxication).

When we mix our alcoholic drinks we get different sorts of “alcoholic make,” taste and feeling which is quite different if you stick to just one type. We get drunk as a result of the effects of alcohol – the more you take, the more drunk you get.

Practically, people who mix drinks tend to get drunk easily and drink excessively. What we don’t know is that when you mix alcohol, you drink more, get drunk easily and lose control faster.

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And when we get drunk, it leads to unintentional accidents, injuries and life problems. When you get drunk, you start to act “funny”, vomit, feel sleepy, weak, and tired. Unclear vision and hearing, severe migraines and headaches, and blackout are also symptoms that show you’re getting drunk or veering off your normal state.

What students and adults fail to put into consideration while getting drunk are the side effects of this.

When we get drunk often we are prone to the following;

  • Cancer of the mouth
  • Ulcer
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Broke relationships
  • Sexual hitches
  • Amnesia
  • Accidents and avoided death.

Drink Wisely, as you have seen the Side Effects Of Drinking Mixed Alcohol, so you can Stay Healthy!

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