40 thoughts on “Sign Up Hitwe Dating Site Free on www.hitwe.com To Make New Friends

  1. hi
    I am Fay, I want to delete my account on hitwe.com .please help.

    thank you

  2. I’m already on Hitwi but I would like to subscribe for a month how do l do that

  3. Hi I am Erin , please help me to delete my Hitwe account. Many thanks Erin

  4. hello i am hawa and nice to meet all of u
    add me on gmail lovelybabygh1

  5. can you send me unsubscribe link because your notifications are starting to harrass me and its against the law to give a product without such link

    1. We are sorry about that, Kindly go to your inbox and unsubscribe to our mail

  6. please help me to reactive my hitwe.com

  7. iwant to delete my hitwe account igot wat iwanted amarried.but still reciev mails.its affecting my marriage.give me details on how to delete.thanks though

  8. hi,my account was disactivated how can i reactivate it

  9. I want to unsubscribe from receiving the e-mails from the site because they are consuming much of my data bundle I would be very happy if you respect my wish I thank you..

    1. We are sorry for the inconvenience, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email that you receive from us.

  10. I want to delete my account from hitwe.com and please can you assist

  11. This blog is now part of my reading bookmarks, keep
    up the interesting work!

  12. Hi am new here and thanks for accepting my request.

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