How To Solve The “Can’t Install App” Problem On Your Smartphone

“Can’t Install App”

We sporadically come across problems of “can’t install app”, try again” on our android device. This happens often when we are either upgrading an application or download a latest and most important application.

There are various reasons our applications may hang or can’t download. See below the reasons Olinepluz had gathered for you and the ways to solve it.

Ways To Solve “Can’t Install App” Problem On Your Smartphone

  1. Check if there’s enough space in your phone.

This is the first thing you have to check. Most times the problem of “can’t install app” comes up due to insufficient space in your smartphone especially if you have so many apps or videos on your device. So, check the required size of the application you want to download and see if you have the space for it. To check this, go to settings, then storage.

  1. Factory reset your phone.

Factory resetting your android device can solve the problem. Before embarking on this solution, make sure you back up everything important on the phone.

In some cases, resetting your Android device might solve the problem.
To reset your phone, go to Settings > Backup & reset, and then go to Factory data reset.

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  1. Check your phone’s cache

Occasionally, your phone’s cache could be the cause of the problem. Try erasing the cache and try installing the app again.  Sometimes this is effective.

To delete the cache go to Settings > Apps Application manager.  Then look for Google Play Store and tap on it, then click on Storage. Go to Clear data. Below it, you would see Clear cache, tap this and it clears the cache.

  1. Old Android OS

Frequently, when your Android operating system is old, you often encounter this kind of problem when trying to download an application. Most probably the application you are trying to download would only work on a recent operating system. So try updating your operating system and see if it solves it.

To update your Android’s operating system, go to Settings > About phone and then Software updates. You should see the new update if there is any,  select the update and install.

Hope this will resolve the issues of “can’t install App” on your mobile smartphone.

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