Split Trousers Are Fast Taking Over The Hollywood Fashion World

Spit Trousers

A type of trousers described as the split trousers are fast dominating the Hollywood fashion world. These trousers when worn are tight in the thighs and they reveal the beauty of your curves. It’s a typical definition of what some people would call “Sexy.”

Physically, it’s quite erotic and suggestive. It’s obviously called a split trouser because it exposes one’s laps and legs, barely covering your thighs.

With a matching pair of split trousers and a nice top, it makes you look tranquil and placid. These trousers are available in different attractive colours that are pleasing to the eye. Hollywood female actresses are eminent fans of this new trend.

Halle Berry, a Hollywood actress showcases a pair of her split trousers at an event to honor Mums in L.A on Saturday night.

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Also 22 year old Model Gidi seems to be a great fan of split trousers as she was seen wearing hers in New York recently. 32 year old Scarlett Johanson, a vibrant Hollywood actress was also spotted in a Harem Style split trousers at a film performance in Japan.

See pictures of Hollywood actresses beautifully rocking their split trousers in a pleasant swag.

Split Trousers
Gidi Hadid, Halle Berry and Scarlet Johansson

This trendy wears are available at Zara, boohoo.com and Topsop. You can place your order now!

It is really ironical how the definitions and purpose of our daily wears change daily.

Originally split trousers or split pants were usually trousers worn by toddlers in China. These trousers were made with thick materials. It had a hole in the buttocks area that allowed the child defecate easily without necessarily pulling off the trousers.

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However, the 21st century doesn’t recognize this definition neither does it define split trousers as that, it is rather described as the most worn wear in the Hollywood fashion industry.

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