Stampede at Shanghai left 35 people Dead during New Year Eve 2015

 New Year Eve 2015 – New Year’s celebration in China’s most populous city were cut short Wednesday after a stampede occurred, leaving at least 35 people dead 

The incident occurred just before midnight on Wednesday (1535 GMT), were Thousands of people had gathered to see in 2015, then the huge crowds began to stampede in Chen Yi Square on the city’s well-known riverfront tourist strip, known as the Bund.

Meanwhile, the wounded victims have been taken to Shanghai General Hospital. The government said, that the main reason behind the stampede is still under investigation.

Earlier, Shanghai’s police department wrote on its verified social media account that some “tourists” had “fallen over” at the Bund, and urged people to vacate the area in an orderly manner.

According to the Shanghai Daily, close to 300,000 people turned up for New Year’s Eve celebrations last year, leading to traffic problems.

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