Step Guide To Redeem iTunes Card Online From iTunes Gift Cards Store

To Redeem iTunes Card Online is pretty simple, and it can be done within few minutes. The iTunes card is very beneficial only if you redeem the card, so you will be able to enjoy it’s services.

You may receive the card as a gift or you won it from a promo. The very first thing to do in order to start making purchases from your card is to redeem it. And on this page, you will learn the whole process to redeem your iTunes card from iTunes gift card. So let’s get started.

Step Guides To Redeem iTunes Card Online

Just like i said before, the whole process is very simple provided you follow the easy step guide instruction stated below.

Turn over your iTunes gift card and scratch off the section on the back above the bar code. This will show the code you must enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card.

Next, visit the iTunes Store. NOTE: Ensure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account, if not, you can create one here.

Click “Redeem” in the “Account” menu: This can be seen at the top left of your iTunes page. You will be required to log into your iTunes account.

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Two options will be provided for you on the Redeem Code page.

You will be offered how you’ll credit your account with the money from the gift card. Just type in the code which is at the back of the card. When the “Redeem” button appears, click it.

Furthermore, if your card has a focus box around the redemption code, you can use your computer’s built-in camera to scan the card and redeem it without typing. Click “Use Camera,” then hold the iTunes gift card up to the camera when it turns on. iTunes will recognize the card and scan the code, adding the amount of the card directly to your account.

Meanwhile, if you received your iTunes Gift Card or Apple Music Gift Card through email, click Redeem Now in the email to redeem the credit.

You can proceed to make transaction with your redeemed itunes card.

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