Step Guide to Delete Facebook Group – How To Delete Facebook Group Fast

Today, a going to share with you how you can Delete Facebook Group so you don’t need to worry again anytime you want to delete a group on Facebook. But before we proceed with the tutorial, I want to in a brief, give you an insight into what Facebook Group is.

According to Sogtek, Facebook Group is an associate of different people who may even be from different parts of the world but share the same goal or vision on Facebook. There are lots of Groups on Facebook, it may be a business group, relationship group, marketing group etc.

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Everyone is allowed to join Facebook Group depending his or her interest. Also, they are as well free to leave the group anytime for reasons best known to them. Now I want you to carefully follow the detailed steps below on How to Delete Facebook Group.

Step Guide to Delete Facebook Group

(1). Navigate to the group you want to delete on your Facebook page
(2). Press on ‘Members’ at the left of your page
(3). Click next to every member’s name
(4). Then choose ‘Remove from Group’
(5). Finally, click on ‘Leave Group’ which is next to your name after removing the other members of the group.
(6). And you are done. That’s how you can Delete Facebook Group Fast.

However, you can follow the same step if you want to delete a group on Facebook Messenger.

In case you want to delete group conversations on Facebook, if the need arises, just follow the steps below. Note that you can not delete a group conversation on Facebook group if you are not the group admin.

Open your group chat conversation tab
Move to the ‘Action drop-down’
Click ‘Delete Messages’
Now, tick the messages you wish to delete
Once done, click ‘Delete’.

That’s just it. Pretty simple right? don’t forget that the comment box is open in case you encounter any challenge during the process. Also, remember to share this post on your favorite social media.

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