Steps On How To Format Computer System Hard Drive

How To Format Computer System Hard Drive – To format computer system hard drive is quite simple and easy. This post will guide you through on the whole process involved on how you can format your computer system hard drive. There may be reason why you want to format your system, of which include the following:

Things that can occurs before you format your system

  • When your hard disc is full what you can do is to backup the information and format the system
  • Virus attach can course damage on your computer system, it may course many things, such as corrupting your files , slow your system or  delete your important information and so many other things it can do.
  • If your operating system is corrupt.

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Important of system formatting

  1. It help to speed up your computer system
  2. The system we free from viruses
  3. The system we have enough memory space
  4. It also help to reactivate some of the system component

how to format system hard drive

Steps On How To Format Computer System Hard Drive

1. First of all, get any operating system of choice you can used external CD ROM, internal CDROM or Flash Drive.

2. Then you insert the CD on the CDROM.

3. Now restart the computer, on the process of booting you press f2 or f10 or delete key depend on the type of the system you’re using.

4. Then it will boot to BIOS environment.

5. Use the arrow key to moved to advance setting. You see boot order.

6. Then you f5 and f6 to moved the device bellow.

7. Kindly move CDROM to be the first.

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8. Press the f10 key to save and exit. The system will now move to CDROM by prompting a message box asking you to press any key to boot from CDROM. Then it will start loading the files.

9. On the Install Windows page, enter your language and click next. Read the license terms, if you accept the license terms, click I accept the license terms, and then click Next.

10. Choose the type of installation you want and Where do you want to install Windows?

11. Click the partition that you want to format and click Format. Then you follow the instruction

12. When you have finished formatting, click Next.

kindly follow the instructions till you finish the installation which include naming your computer and setting up a user account. And you’re done and set to enjoy your new operating system.

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