Successful Ways To Approach A Girl At First Sight

Ways To Approach A Girl

It is indeed habitual that most guys tend to freeze up when it comes to approaching a girl. The guys can’t be blamed though, because approaching women is indeed one of the major challenges faced by a man in his lifetime. So if you are having the issue of approaching a woman, trust me, you are not alone, and it’s easy quite easy to be successful.

Every man definitely encounters the fear of receiving a negative response and the fear of being rejected while approaching a lady. Of course, you are uncertain whether your approach will be welcomed or rejected and it is normal to feel this way.

To this effect, we has prepared tips on how to approach a girl successfully.

Ways To Approach a Girl at First Sight

First and foremost, the number one thing you need to do is to acquire a target. When your eye crosses over a girl that catches your attention, your body tells you. Some people call it “Love at first sight.” Now the problem most men face is the best form of approach to take.

  • Work for an eye contact

The first thing to do is to make an eye contact with her. Making an eye contact with a girl indirectly tells the girl without communication that she has caught your attention.  A signal to your target is very necessary. Although practically proven, girls feel vulnerable when catching an eye contact. They feel that way because it’s creepy to discover someone has been staring at you most especially when you are least expecting it.

  • Throw a grin

When this has been achieved, throw a little beam on her. This could pass for a grin or a smile. This is necessary as it gives you an answer whether she might take you in or not. This also answers her ‘approachability’ level. If she’s welcoming, she’d throw a smile back at you. However, contrary to your expectations, if she looks away or puts up a frown, it’s definitely a bad idea to move on. Well, take it that she’s probably in a bad mood, smile on and move on after all she’s JUST one out of seven trillion ladies out there.

Well, if she smiles back, you move to the third stage which is the body language signal.

  • Body language

This simply refers to the way you carry your body. Putting up a slouched back is definitely not the idea for this kind of try. A slouched back connotes nervousness and girls really don’t like it. Take a deep breath and approach her. It’s not like it’s a lifetime attempt if it works out well it’s fine, if it doesn’t, it’s still okay. So, try to stay cool. Always be humble too.

Now having prepared your body for this adventure, the next thing to set up is your speech.

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  • Set your speech

Firstly try to see if you can catch her attention by just walking by, and if she finally looks at you, throw in a mild “hello.” If she responds back positively, throw in a cool question like “How do you do?” If the answer is positive you can start a conversation from there. Look for an opportunity to introduce yourself before asking for her identity.

Avoid trying to dominate conversation by talking rather too much about yourself. Listen more to what they say and try to donate ideas close to her topic. Show and indicate more interest on things and items that interest her. Find out about her hobbies. Pay attention to non-verbal clues. When you see she’s getting bored try rounding up the conversation. Leaving with a bit of the unknown left about you makes you more interesting and wanting.

Please also bear in mind to upgrade and update your fashion sense if you’re zero at it. Dress nice, walk gentle and groom well.

Goodluck while you’re at it. For questions on this, please drop it at the comment box below.

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