How to be a Successful Youth In Nigeria

How to be a Successful Youth In Nigeria

Do you know that you can be successful in Nigeria that is popularly known as the Giant of Africa. Do you know that Nigeria has a vast and fast economy, their are lots of untapped potentials, with many avenues to excel greatly for any such intending youth.Here in this article, am going to revile to you some little secret on how to be successful in Nigeria no matter where you are or what you re doing for a living. Therefor, success must come when you apply these secret that you will see in this article.

How to be a Successful Youth In Nigeria

1. Enroll into Education and Complete it.

As we all know that education is one of the major key to success, both in Nigeria, education is also a key to success. A more-educated personĀ  stands a better chance on the higher rungs of the success ladder. Strive for a base level of a second tertiary degree. Also if you have the means, do your Masters.

2. Go for Youth Service.

You must not skip the compulsory one year National Youth Service. The experience you gained during your National Youth Service is of great help to you. It is nearly equivalent to a key into your success

3. Get a Good Job Early.

When you are through with your National Youth Service, start looking for a good job early. Most people start doing so when their are out of secondary school. It helps build your character.

4. learn a Trade or get a Hobby.

Many technical institutions offer the chance to learn a trade outside the secular schemes. Besides your regular job, you should have a hand job that you do well, it could be a well developed hobby like catering, event planning, decoration, photography, or a domestic trade like mechanics, generator repairs, plumbering etc

5. Be interested in your Family’s Business/Profession.

The family business/profession is an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, or build your career opportunities. You may never know that, the Engineer’s son just might end up an Engineer. (Besides, who would your parents leave the family business to anyway?) So why not just get a head-start early.

6. Save your Money.

Almost 60% of every enterprising youth need to be educated on the need, usefulness and important of saving. Saving does not only give you a platform to venture from in the case of CEOs to-be, It’s gives your future a sense of security: the feeling that you can provide for your basic needs without going to be problem to anyone. Therefor, saving is very important to any one how wish to succeed in Nigeria.

7. Make or keep a good friends.

Avoid any wrong kind of partnerships, Always stay out of trouble. Police record will do nothing to help your dream of becoming a successful youth, Do not drink and drive. This is against the Law, and you can’t be a successful in Nigeria if you are dead.





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