Surprising Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Coca Cola

Coca cola is a soft drink introduced on May 8, 1886 by the coca cola company. It was invented by John pemberton and it initially meant to be a patent medicine. The drink’s name coca-cola refers to its two original ingredients which kola nuts (a source of caffeine) and coca leaves.

The coca cola company has introduced other cola drinks under the coke name like diet coke, cherry, zero sugar coke. Others are caffeine free coke, vanilla, with other special version with lime, lemon and coffee. The most common of these is diet coke.

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Coca cola is a very popular brand and survey has shown it is the most popular word after “hello” -now imagines how popular it is.

Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Coca Cola


This might seem strange but the truth is that you can use coke to clean a toilet bowl.

Coca Cola

  • Pour the coke into the bowl and around the rim of the bowl.
  • Wait patiently and let it sit for like an hour, the acid in the coke will break down the stain.
  • Use brush to scrub the toilet sit.
  • Flush the toilet, most of the stain must have been dissolved by the phosphoric acid in the coke.

If you do not have money to buy expensive stain removals, pour coke along with detergent in the wash. The stain in your cloth will be removed and your cloth deodorized this is because of the phosphoric acid in coke.


Due to the citric acid contained in the carbonated drink, coke can be used to perfectly clean the window.


You can spray coke on ant-hill, or cockroaches in your cupboard and it will them, coke is just a bug slayer.

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More Of Things To You Can Do With Coca Cola


If you have gum stuck in your hair and you are finding it difficult to remove it, worry no more. Pour coke on the portion of your hair that you have the gum, leave it for a few minutes. Then it will be very easy for you to pick the gum out of your hair.


If your pots are blackened, just pour coke on it and allow it for a few minutes, then scrub the pot, your pot will become clean and shiny again.


Dip the object into a bucket full of cloth or soak a cloth in coke and then try to rub the rust out. The phosphoric acid in the drink will cause corrosion and the rust will loosen and can be taken off from the object.



Dip your coins into a mug full of coke and leave it for a few minutes, you will be surprised how shiny your coins will be when you bring them out.

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