7 Sweet Natural Remedies To Stop Vomiting Instantly


Vomiting is our body’s approach of eliminating a noxious substance. It’s an energetic discharge of unwanted contents from the body through the mouth. Vomiting makes one really uncomfortable, groggy and weary.

It can be maddening most times to throw up when there’s no actual cause or reason to do so. It is useful to know that vomiting is not a disease as such, but several diseases and illness can cause vomiting.

Vomiting can occur as an aftereffect of a circumstance, an infection or an intended disease. It could also arise as a result of poisoning, tumours and disorders of the body. Most people also have the feeling to vomit which comes with discomfort, but they don’t necessary vomit after the feeling.

Sweet Natural Remedies To Stop Vomiting

Listed below are some healthy tips to prevent vomiting;

  1. Try taking Ginger

This is the first step of quenching the uneasy feeling whenever that uncomfortable feeling arises. You should try taking a cup of ginger in lukewarm water. You can also eat a small piece of it if you don’t feel like drinking it. Ginger  is antispasmodic in nature and it powerfully puts an end to the vomiting crisis.

According to Dr Robin Miller, Ginger has been used as a stomach remedy for over 2000 years. It is good and one of the best natural remedies to stop vomiting and also it’s prevent and stop all kinds of nausea.

However, if you don’t have any ginger nearby, try the next step below!

  1. Chew mint leaves
Mint leaves

Mint leaves is also known as menta in Spanish. It comprises of an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent called rosmarinic acid which is known for its usefulness in reducing serious allergy symptoms.

These leaves can be used for stomach upset and indigestion. It is also used to eliminate the vomiting sensation, clearing any form of irritation in the body.

Chewing mint leaves when you feel like vomiting surely helps to  relieve you from it.

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  1. Drink more water
Drink water

Vomiting naturally reduces the water in your body while flushing out the toxins and waste in your body. It just might do you good to take more water when you want to vomit. It is advised that is should be taken gently and not at a gulp as it would facilitate the vomiting process. Taking water when you feel like vomiting or while vomiting makes the body strong enough. It is to be taken for about 12-18 minutes. This tip surely helps.

  1. Take some cloves
Natural Remedies to stop vomiting

Cloves are usually spices made from the flower buds of a clove tree. They are normally harvested and dried in their undeveloped stage. They are regularly used to garnish dishes and soups.

There are very essential in treating vomiting, diarrhea and most times indigestion.

You are to boil a teaspoon of this spicy ingredient and boil with a cup of water. When it’s boiled for ten minutes, allow it to cool a little and drink.

  1. Make an Onion juice
Onion juice

Onions is a heavy source of organosulfur compound. The juice can reduce our cholesterol level, improve blood circulation and treat certain urinary disorders. A quick intake of onion juice helps reduce vomiting and makes you feel better.

To make this powerful health fit juice, you can follow the basic steps below;

  • Peel an anion
  • Rinse the peeled onion properly to escape germs
  • Cut the peeled onion into quarters
  • Place it inside your juicer and turn on. It extracts the water from the onion.

And your Onion juice is ready for use!

  1. Take powdered cinnamon

Cinnamon are spices gotten from their inner bark of several evergreen aromatic trees and shrubs belonging to the Laurel family. It is known for several health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and curing diabetes as well as solving the myth of vomiting.

Your are to boil half a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon together with a cup of water. This helps relieve you from vomiting.

  1. Try the sugar and salt mix
Sugar and Salt

This procedure is to be taken when the vomiting progresses. We all know that vomiting removes the vital nutrients we need in our body. A mix of sugar and salt can help increase/ put back the fluid lost in our body, thereby correcting the imbalances in the body which would stop the vomit.

You are to take add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar in a glass of water and drink.

Following these basic easy steps, i hope it did stop your vomiting hitch!

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