5 Tactics to Make Your Legs Appear Longer

Indeed every normal being has legs but not everyone was born with legs like a supermodel. Some people are born with incredibly small legs which could be embarrassing. If you fall under this category, don’t panic or worry, fashion has solved your. Fashion has provided outfits that will automatically make your leg appear longer, slimmer, and sexier.

For instant longer-looking legs, here are five easy shoe tricks you should try now;

  1. High Heels

Wearing shoes that add inches to your height is the most obvious way to make your legs seem longer. High heels also extend your feet, making your calves appear longer with a romantic shape.

  1. Wear shoes the same color as your trousers or stockings

Build a well-defined chain of appearance by wearing shoes the same color as your trousers or socks. For instance, wear blue skinny jeans with blue-heeled boots. This monochromatic look creates a dazzling line as the eye travels from the top of your leg straight down to the floor without stopping. This is applicable to any shade. Darker colors are the most appropriate for this kind of trick.

  1. Nude shoes

Your best companion is nude shoes. Put on shoes with a color close to your skin tone. Blending your skin with shoes of the same color will create a long, uninterrupted line when you’re wearing skirts or shorts. Both the solid color and added length from your feet will create the illusion of longer legs.

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  1. Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe shoes are made to extend your feet and your legs. This type of shoe typically have at least an inch or two of extra space making them physically longer than a round-toe shoe in the same size. The tapering point also makes your feet and legs look even longer. Stick to pointy shoes for a more dazzling, stylish look.

  1. Quit ankle straps

Quit putting on ankle straps immediately if you want to appear taller. Belts seem to cut your length visually and make your legs look shorter. The horizontal straps cause the viewer’s eye to pause early, making your legs look shorter no matter how slim they are. Ankle straps have the opposite effect of high heels and v-shaped cuts. If you like ankle straps, consider wearing tights in the same color as the strap to prevent the line of your legs from being broken up.

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