TGI Group International Trade Officer Recruitment – Apply Here

Here is a guide on how to apply for the TGI Group international trade officer post. The TGI Group is an international venture and investment company. This company has diverse interests. Its operations cut across developing economies in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

TGI group’s activity hovers around manufacturing of fruit drinks, juices and dairy products, packaged food and condiments, production of vegetable oil, cotton ginning, poultry and fish farming, processing and marketing of frozen foods, importation and distribution of industrial and agro chemicals, fish trawling and specialized oil services in Nigeria

Currently, recruitment for the post of an International Trade Officer in Nigeria is available. You can click here to apply now.

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TGI Group International Trade Officer Recruitment Description

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Applicants must;

  • Applicants must provide a high standard support to operations and focus on enforcing trade plans, programs, maintenance & testing, and producing periodic reports.
  • Keeps informed of international events and changes to laws and requirements that may impact operations
  • Collaborate with other departments to establish cross departmental processes
  • Ensure that products are received on time
  • Keep up with ever changing Government Policies and Tariffs on Importation and exportation of Goods
  • Ensure the team is effectively meeting all deadlines and internal requirements
  • Liaising with Main Account of all business Units
  • Reconciliation, monitoring and reporting of Prepayment account
  • Passing of necessary entry in the system
  • Reconciliation and monitoring of expected shipping status
  • Allocation of Forms to SP shipment
  • Follow up on SP documentation with the Suppliers
  • Reporting challenges on import processes.
  • Coordinating credit and financial activities and obtaining payments for import/export operations.
  • Ensure that all filings, documents, and regulatory reporting are completed accurately, in a timely manner, and according to trade laws.

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