How To Accomplish The Goals You Keep Procrastinating

Accomplish The Goals You Keep Procrastinating

The more you try, the more you’re likely to succeed

Accomplish The Goals You Keep Procrastinating – Working towards your goal is something all prosperous people do. However, establishing a goal objective and breaking them is very common. Every time you set a goal that you don’t achieve, you increase your belief that you are never able to complete anything.

Most people who fall into  this category, never believe they can do anything and they are likely to waste more energy on trying.

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According to a Psychology research, the more times you try to achieve something the more likely you are to succeed. This works more when you learn from the mistakes of the past attempts.

How to accomplish the goals you keep procrastinating


Try to be precise

Precision is very important when embarking on a desired goal. Many people set targets such as I want to save money or I want to travel Abroad. This is okay. However in order to be successful you have to get your goal down to a communicative level in order to take specific actions.

A goal like I am going to stop taking alcohol in the morning to save the money. This would make up an extra N500 a day in my savings account. This is a specific objective. When setting a goal, you should have a solid reason that is worthy

Start little

While setting your goals, start with small goals. However, starting with the end in mind is an important way to determine what it is you are trying to accomplish and to know whether or not you are on track. Often times the end goal would seem so huge that it overwhelms. This could be much of a dissuasion.

It is also important to divide the big goals into sub-goals and micro goals. Sub-goals should be focused on small periods of time. What people don’t know is the more possible your goal seems, the more likely you are to stick with it.

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Also, the success you feel by achieving the small goals gives you motivation to keep going. If you stay on target with the small goals, you will ultimately finish the big goals.

Confirm you have the right goal

This is a very important stage you must consider if you want to be successful in life. Most people set goals but don’t know the reason why they set the goals or what they want to do with the goals.

A regular university girl would aspire to lose weight. This is a goal she yearns to complete successfully. If you probe further why she wants to lose weight, she would say because her boyfriend or probably her girlfriend wants her to. This has become a common response to these category of people. Setting a goal to please someone.  Perhaps, she thinks accomplishing this would make her feel more secure or loved in her relationship.

When we set goals to solve discrete problems, we lack the suitable motivation to achieve these goals. Before you set a goal for yourself, examine the goal properly and ask yourself why you really want to set up such a goal.

Always have a plan for hitches

Build a plan for disappointments. Plan A might not always work. Make other plans.  Most times, you need two plans to achieve a goal. Spend solid time thinking about what the obstacles are to your new goal.

Setting goals and achieving them is the way that we create our life experiences and it is one of the most rewarding things we do.

I want you to believe in yourself that you can actually accomplish the goals you keep procrastinating. Never forget, If you can dream it, you can do it!

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