Time Management: Tips for Time Management For Student

Tips for Time Management  – Too often these days we hear of students complaining that they do no have or find enough time to do things.One student says”Life is very fair….too many pleasures, too little time.” It is not a question of insufficient time-every body has 24 hours a day- it is poor management.Brilliant student always manage their time well; not only do they excel in their studies but they also find time for so many other things-extracurricular activities like game, sports,recreational activities and hobbies. The first thing we have to realize it that time is precious and cannot be recovered. Money or other material possessions lost can be recovered. The past is dead and gone;  we can not bring it back.
The future is , to a good extent,  dependent on what you do NOW. So manage your time well in the present and you are on the road to achievement and success.

Consider this and reflect on some very  valuable quotes  about  time:
“He who gains time gains everything.”   By   Benjamin Disraeli
“Kill time and kill your career”    By   B. C. Forbes
“Time is the scariest resource and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed”   By    Peter Drucker.

Tips for Time Management

Below are the important tips that you need to know for effective time management.

  • Have Very Clear Goal.

You need to think about and set your goals. Be motivated. Once you realize that you want to achieve your goals, then you are motivated to work towards success.You will overcome any  problems or distraction that comes your way. Do not lose sight of your goals; from time to time, you need to reflect and check your path leading to the getting your goals.

  • Set Deadlines and Meet Them.

Many students do not get work or tasks done because they take thing easy. Given a project or any piece of work – be it a report,an essay, an assignment- we need to set a time limit to do and complete it. Once you finish your work on time, you will have or feel a sense of satisfaction and you can then move on to other things.In this way, things get done on time and you will not pile our work thereby bringing about unnecessary stress and tension.

  • Plan and Follow a Program:

There is a saying; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Think clearly and plan out a program based essentially on your objectives or goals. In your planned program, time has to be given for academic work, sport and game, recreation and rest, leisure. And remember, you must make it a point to follow your program as much as you can. Be honest; you can’t cheat yourself, Time will Tell.

  • Be Alert, Be Mindful:

Being mindful or paying close attention to whatever you do goes a long way towards saving time. Many student pay insufficient attention in class. As a result, understanding and remembering lessons is reduced and the students needs to spend more time to catch up. When you are highly attentive to things, you will make less careless mistakes. And your money will improves too!

  • Do not Procrastinate:

Procrastination is a thief of time. How very true this is! You have to ask yourself how many times you fail to get things done because you keep putting them off to a later date. It is not that you can not find time. If you are truly honest, more often it is due to your bad habit of postponing things; you lack sense of urgency and days,weeks and months just pass by and your tasks are still undone.And when you do things at last minute, you tend to mess things up and more time is wasted.

  • Concentrate:

Our “Monkey Mind” are terrible; they cause us to lose precious time and reduce our efficiency. You need to train your mind so that it will be more concentrated and focused. In this way, the greater potentialities of the mind can be realized.
Whenever your mind runs away from whatever you are doing, you need to pull it back to the task ahead. In studying, you need to concentrate better if you do active learning rather than mere reading.

  • Don’t Waste Time:

Knowing that time is priceless commodity, you must learn to use your time wisely. Time waist for no man and woman. Think how much time you have wasted: Daydreaming and fantasizing, Gossiping and indulging in empty talk,Oversleeping and dreaming, Over-watching TV, video, playing computer games and many other things that are not relevant to you. If you have been wasting too much time,it’s time you take stock of and check things. Strive to change!

  •   Organize Your Work

If you are untidy, unsystematic and disorganized in your work, not only do you do your work less effectively and less efficiently but you also lose valuable time searching the things you need, undoing the mistakes you made and being unable to come out with efficient ways and means because your minds are “clouded”. Making proper filing and arrangement of your work can save you a lot of time for other beneficial things.

  • Take Good Care of Health:

If you are sick or not well physically or mentally, then everything can become quite meaningless. It takes a healthy person to manage and organize his time very well, plan and implement effective and efficient ways to get work or task carried out. It is therefor important to take good care of your health. You must ensure that you have proper nutrition, enough rest and sleep and sufficient exercise to keep fit.`

  • Cultivate Good Attitudes and Habits:

The successful person, not only has aptitude, but more so goo attitudes and habits. Your management of time will remain poor if you don’t change your bad attitudes and habits. No amount of intellectual knowledge on time management will be of help if you do not “kill” the bad habits such as procrastination, idling, unhealthy pastimes, indiscipline and mental laziness. Resolve to develop and practice the good qualities of discipline, punctuality, organization, concentration, mindfulness and a host of other good habits of every successful people.

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