Easy Ways To Fix a Broken Relationship – Some couples have tried all they can on their own to walk through the difficulties they are encountering in their relationship. This have made them to ask some questions like,“should they give up”, “should they give it another trial”, “should they try to re-create another relationship”, and so on.

Easy Ways To Fix a Broken Relationship

There is need for regeneration, but these questions has to be answered:

  • Do both partners want to fix the relationship?
  • Is their enough energy left in the relationship to help repair the relationship?
  • Are there hidden issues that are sabotaging their chances to reconnect?
  • Do they still want to try?


In answering the above questions one tends to do this in the midst of guilt, pain, injustice or need to justify winning. When these questions has been answered well, no matter the infrequent or indistinct, absolute resolution can be gotten with these tips.

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1. INITIATE DIALOGUE: This is very simple and easy when both partners are unhappy about the status quo. Make sure that when the dialogue is on you talk with compassion, not blaming, shaming, criticizing, or judging.

2. ATTENTIVENESS: When the dialogue is going on, another important thing to do is to pay attention to your partner. Even if there is disagreement it is evident to know that what the other has to say is important.

3. SHOWING CONCERN: Even if you have lost your partner’s trust, never stop showing concern. If you are not able to use soothing words or gestures still show consideration when your partner is in distress by your facial expression or body language.

3. BRAINSTORM QUESTIONS: Once you have laid down your cards on the table-“what is not working?”, “how might you fix what is not working?”. Remember this is an ultimatum but if he or she is talking then he or she is interested in hearing what you have to say, this questions can help you fix your relationship.

4. BE HONEST: Even when you disagree always be honest. Make sure you are neither offensive or defensive, deceit might not have broken your relationship but it will certainly not fix it.

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4. APOLOGIZE: This might seem a little hard but there are few conflicts in life that can not be resolved with an apology. This will help you forgive yourself and move on even if the other party is not interested.

5. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Always take responsibility even if you believe you are not at fault. The other person believe’s you were and accepting you are helps to bridge the gap between the both of you.

6. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED: The reason you are rebuilding your relationship is because you love someone. Show you still love and care about him or her this will sure help to rebuild your relationship.

With the above Tips on how to fix a broken relationship, it will help you to walk through the difficulties that you are encountering in relationship. And it will also help you to build a strong relationship.

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