Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria & their Worth

Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria are schools that have good educational facilities.Some of them are owned by the government, some are establish by individual while others are founded by the religious missions. Most of these schools are located at Logos and Abuja the capital city were most of the rich men in Nigeria lives.

Can you believe that only the rich men in Nigeria can afford such amount of money to fund their children in such Secondary school.

Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria & their Worth

Name of School                                                     Amount Paid  per annum

10. Corona Secondary School, Agbara                                N2.55 million

9. Hill crest School, Jos                                                          N2.65 million

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8. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja                                                            N2.8 million

7. Meadow Hall, Lagos                                                             N3 million

6. Greens prings School                                                           N3.185 million

5. White plains British School, Abuja                                    N3.6 million

4. Day Water man College, Abeokuta                                    N3.7 million

3. Lekki British International High  School, Lagos            N4million

2. British International School, Lagos                                  N4.48 million

1. Grange School, Lagos                                                           N4.5 million
These school have educational facilities, the teaching aids and other pedagogies. Also the achievements they made in various examination, mostly West African Examination Certificate (WAEC) and National Examination Council of Nigeria (NECO).


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