Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2018 To Help Keep You Fit And Healthy

Keeping fit is very important these days as there is a lot of advantage to it. That light feeling you get after a good jog or that sweet fatigue after pumping your muscles. However, it’s not entirely easy to get up and go about the routine for exercise daily, and that is why we have included in the article, the Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2018 to help keep you fit and stay healthy.

A recent study shows that people who use fitness apps are more active compared to their ‘non-fitness app using’ counterparts. This was mainly due to the app helping them to overcome barriers and making sure they develop better exercise habits. So here are the top 5 fitness apps that should get you on track to a fit body;

Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2018 To Help Keep You Fit & Stay Healthy

  • MyFitnessPal

Millions of fit fam are already using this app to get themselves into great shape. They have a database of over 5 million foods and contains a barcode nutrition scanner that can detect the calories and nutrients that is included in each meal. Get it now for easy and great methods to be fit.

  • Sleep cycleTop 5 Fitness Apps

Among the list of the top 5 fitness apps is one great app for people that have been complaining about sleeping but still feeling tired while awake. Sleep cycle helps you monitor your sleep and gets reading through your breath and movement while you are on the bed. If you set it in wake up phase some minutes before your alarm, it’s sure to wake you up when you are in the light phase of your slumber. And this will help you become more alert and ready to go for the day.

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  • Charity Miles

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Imagine earing as you walk, run or cycle. Well, that is precisely what this fantastic app does. It gives you the opportunity to earn corporate sponsorship anytime you do all these things. Donations from Timex sports, Lifeway foods, and human are being added to your accounts – 10 cents for a mile for cyclist and 25 cents for a mile for walkers and runners. You can then donate your money to charity and choose from the list of options you’ll be provided with.

  • Lose It

A free calorie counter app that helps you lose weight in just a matter of weeks. The app enables you to measure your calorie intake by scanning the barcode in the food item, or you can add the food item manually. You will also be provided with an exercise regimen to lose weight.

  • Six packs in 30 days

This is one of the fastest ways to get your abs out in just a matter of a month. The app has hardcore exercises for this purpose. So if you are ready to tighten your core, download, and jump right into the exercise routine.

To get any of this top 5 fitness apps, simply go to your app store or playstore, search for them and click install. and you are ready to get on the ft track.

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