List of Best Top Courier Services in Nigeria

Top Courier Services in Nigeria – This list consist of the top best courier companies in nigeria that have stood out in terms of delivery, customer services and cost effectiveness. This companies operate within Nigeria and Internationally. Top Courier Services in Nigeria

List of Best Top Courier Services in Nigeria

The list of List of Best Top Courier Services in Nigeria include:

1. DHL

DHL is the most reliable and one of the oldest courier company that have all their branches around the world. You can ship your goods and send your packages around the world through DHL, it is recommended as one of the Top Courier Services in Nigeria.

DHL is expensive but still remain a worldwide market leader. I have used DHL many times, and i have never been disappointed.

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2. United Parcel Service (UPS)

After DHL, United Postal Services (UPS) is next on the list, which operates globally. they have been rendering reliable and hassle free package. UPS still remain at the top of parcel delivery services in Nigeria. Try UPS and you will see the difference.

3. EMS SpeedPost

EMS SpeedPost is one of the Courier Services in Nigeria that offer affordable parcel delivery services with international delivery option and package tracking services.

Since 1986, EMS Speedpost has operated as the courier and business arm of the Nigerian Postal Service, with the responsibility for effective and efficient collection, conveyance and delivery of time sensitive correspondence, documents or merchandise both locally and internationally.

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