Top Credit Cards With Cash Back Rewards – Chase Freedom Credit Card


Credit cards are no doubt very handy when it comes to expenses. You can literally use them to purchase good, travel, pay fees and do a lot of other exciting stuff. However, you can also earn rewards while using some of these credit cards and these rewards include getting cash back on using your credit card. In this article, we have listed three credit cards with cash back rewards.

Finding the card that suits your lifestyle is also essential, but you should also consider the reward you get from using these cards before you choose them.

Credit Cards With Cash Back Rewards

  • Chase Freedomcredit cards with cash back rewards

For a card with no annual fee, chase offers one of the best rewards you can find on the market. The card requires excellent/good credit but gives you up to 5% bonus which can be up to $1500. You also earn a 1% bonus on every purchase. Another fantastic offer you get to enjoy is receiving $150 in the first three months if you have spent up to $500. What more can you ask for, from a credit card, other benefits include protection of new purchases against theft and damage, extended warranty coverage, and zero liability protection.

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  • Discover it Student Cash Back

credit cards with cash back rewards

Here is another zero annual fee card that offers a reward of 5% percent cash back at places like the gas station, stores, restaurant and even on Amazon. All purchases give you unlimited 1% bonus, and all your money back will be totaled and matched at the end of the year. For the first six months, there is zero percent APR on all your purchases and 14.99 – 23.99% after those months. This card is mainly for students as they offer an incentive of up to $20 if they maintain their GPA at 3.0 for up to five years.

  • Capital on Savor Cash rewards credit card

credit cards with cash back rewards

Going to dinner and shopping for groceries is probably something that you do a lot. Well, this card pays you for doing just that. You can earn 4% reward on dining and entertainment, 2% on groceries and 1% on any other purchase. You also receive $500 when you spend $3000 in the first three months. Its annual fee is zero for the first year but $95 for subsequent years. You also get to do international transactions with no charges.

These cards will give you such amazing rewards. So why not apply for one of them today and start enjoying credit cards with cash back rewards.

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