Android phones are certainly very handy and with the right apps, there are a lot of things you can do with them. Since their inception, they have helped many to keep busy, entertained and even made it easier for a lot of people to go about their daily routines. But all this cannot be possible without the installation of one or two apps.

Android applications are simply programs that have been designed to perform specific or multiple functions on your android phone. And just like every other place, here are top five apps that were developed and used by Nigerians in 2017;


  • Nigerian dictionary


This is one very handy Andriod apps of 2017 that can help you translate any English word to Nigeria language or dialect. The app is simply a must-have for any Nigerian as it even allows voice search. And although it is only working for Yoruba and Igbo for now, the developer is working hard to add another Nigerian language.

  • OkadaBooks

Any user of this app will simply testify how awesome it is. It is mostly used by people who love to read without the burden of carrying heavy books around. The app allows you to buy books at very cheap prices using your debit card or account. You can also find free Nigerian books on the app and sell your content to Nigerian reader as an author.

  • Pidgin bible

This really took a lot of work form the developer, as you can imagine. It simply isn’t easy translating the whole Bible into the pidgin language. It also has audio function and is popular among Nigerians, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea and other pidgin-speaking locale.

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  • GidiTraffic

If you live far from where you work or you are someone who goes out regularly, then you will see the relevance of this app. It provides users with information concerning traffic around their location. This is done by employing crowding sourcing and allows them to get real-time information concerning traffic in their country.

  • NollyLand


For movie lovers, Nollyland is a great place to find all the Nigerian movies you want. The app has over 1000 handpicked, Nigerian, Ghanaian and other African movies. You also get to watch the full movies at affordable rates. There are also preview of upcoming movies and various categories to suit your needs

Developing an app isn’t easy and if you are an app developer, you will easily agree. The apps mentioned above were developed by Nigerian app developers, and they do deserve a lot of praise for their efforts. So go to play store download one of the apps and enjoy it.

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