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Top Largest Airport in the World – As we all know, Transport is the primary and major thing in our every day life,  and these days Air transport is turning into the largest piece of transporting because of that, there are various sorts of enormous airports all over the world.Top Largest Airport in the WorldPeople from different corners of the globe are making a trip to rest parts of the world for various reasons. Now will present to you the list of top largest Airport in the world.

List Of Top Largest Airport in the World 

1. King Fahd International Airport

This Ruler Fahd International Airport located at northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia is the world largest airport. It is operated by General Authority of Civil Aviation, and it has a zone of 78000 ha.

It has a six-story terminal and three of its terminal has allocated for traveler handling. The third level for landings, the fourth level is for boarding and the 6th level is for flights while a Royal terminal is held for Saudi Royal Family, government prominent personnel and authority visitors.

2. Denver International Airport

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This International Airport has a range of 13726 ha and it is the second largest in the world and the largest airport in United States. Denver International Airport is the inside for boss carriers like United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Great Lakes Airlines.

This airport records 31,004,575 travelers yearly and 635,445 flights operation. Denver International Airport is know as the Best Airport in North America.

3. Dallas/Fort worth International Airport

This airport is one of largest airports in the world and second largest in the United States with a region of 7800 ha. It is the principle place for American Airlines, American flight and UPS Airlines.

4. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the largest airport in the world and China’s third busiest airport.
This world busiest airport is the focal point of each Asian aircrafts, for example, DHL Aviation, China Cargo Airlines, FedEx Express, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Yangtze River Express.

5. Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport covers the total of 3200 ha making it France’s largest global airport and one of the largest airports in all over world.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is built in upper east of Paris and worked by Aero ports de Paris, it has almost 62,052,917 traveler volume with aggregate 497,763 airplanes operations.

6. Madrid Barajas

This Airport is seen as the Spain largest and busiest worldwide airport. Madrid Barajas has an aggregate territory of 3050 ha.

It is modify and arranged in upper east of the Puerta Del Sol in the Madrid’s middle.It records about 41,833,374 travelers annually with aggregate 342,601 movements consistently.

Other Top Largest Airport in the World include:

7. Bangkok International Airport (range of 2980 ha)

8. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

9. Cairo International Airport (range of 2550 ha)

10. Beijing Capital International Airport (2330 ha).

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