Easy Way To Save And Watch YouTube Video Offline – Step-By-Step Guide

Do you know that you can actually watch YouTube Video offline without internet connection. You may be wondering how possible it is, but am going to show you how that works.

YouTube is a video site owned by Google, where you can watch videos and share videos online. You can also upload, view, rate and comment on trending videos of your interest.

With YouTube’s offline feature,  you can now enjoy watching your favorite videos without internet connection on your smartphones and iOS devices.

Watch YouTube Video Offline

How does this works? yes! it really works and am now enjoying watching any trending YouTube Video Offline on my mobile device. But that’s not all…. am going to share with you a step-by-step guide that you will follow to Watch YouTube Video Offline, and it’s easy and works quickly.

How Can You Actually Save And Watch YouTube Video Offline

Now here’s the deal, to enable a YouTube video available offline watch, First, open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Search the video file you want to download. Look for the Add to Offline icon below the video.

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Once you click the Add to Offline button, YouTube app will ask you to select the resolution (Low, Medium, HD ) of the video file.

NOTE: Low quality will download quickly,but this take lesser space on your device, but will be of relatively worse quality. Provided you’v selected the quality, the video will automatically start to save on your device.

The best part now is that once it’s saved, you can watch the saved video offline.

Now here is how to locate the saved video and watch it offline. Remember, that the saved video will be available only inside the YouTube app.

Now go to the home page of YouTube and click the Account tab (the human icon).

Under the option listed, you will find all your Saved videos on the page for offline viewing.

Watch the Video below to get more insight.

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But wait! before you start, note that not every video is available for offline viewing. If you have exhausted the validity period for the saved video, kindly sign in to your account again when you are connected to the internet to restore your saved video.

So, that’s it on how you can save and watch YouTube Video offline. Kindly use the comment box for your  opinions and contribution and also remember to share this post for others to know this amazing tricks.

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