Website Traffic Counter – How to Check your Website Traffic

Free Website Traffic Counter To Check Website Traffic

Website Traffic Counter

Website Traffic – The word website traffic means the total sum of all the visitors to your website. Do you want to know how many visitors that viewed your website, then this article is for you.To be able to know how may visitors you have, you need to know how to check your website traffic.

How to check Website Traffic Using Website Traffic Counter

1. Install a Hit Counter.

A hit counter is a code that you need to put on your web page. this counts how many times the page has been viewed by your visitors. There are many ways to implement this tool, both paid and free once, this can be set to count all your unique views.

2. Use Alexa

Alexa gives you all kind of valuable data about your site and it will inform you about your site traffic. Alexa also give Back links and Rang to your site. To get this tool, click here

3.  Use Google Analytics

Google gives this tool free. Google account tells you how many times your site has been viewed and it also give you every information about your site visitors and their locations. To use this tool click here.

Do research and try other Online services offer that count your website’s visitors if you open account with them.

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