World War – Latest Secret about the Second World War

Latest Secret about the Second World War

World War –  More secrets on the second world World are still being reveled, more than half a century after it ended. The most recent is a plan by the Nazi to kill Sir Winston Churchill, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, with a bar of exploding chocolate.

It was revealed that bomb makers of Adolf Hitler, the late Nazi leader, under an operation termed “death by chocolate,” coated with explosive devices with a thin layer of rich dark chocolate, then packages it in explosive looking black and gold paper.

The Germans planned to use secret agents working in Britain to secretly place the bars, branded as Peters Chocolate, among other luxury items taken into dining room used by the War Cabinet during the conflict. The lethal slabs of confection were packed with enough explosives to kill anyone within several meter.

World War  – Latest Secret about the Second World War

But the plot was foiled by British spies who discovered the chocolate was being made and tipped off by Victor Rothschild, one of the most senior intelligence chiefs, before the wartime prime minister’s life could be endangered.

Rothschild a scientist, and a key member of the Rothschild banking family, immediately typed a letter to Laurence fish, talented illustrator seconded to his unit, asking him to draw poster-size images of the chocolate to warn the public to be the look-out. His letter to Fish is dated May 4, 1943, and was written from his secret bunker in parliament Street, London.

The content of the letter was recently revealed after the death of Fish at the age of 89, 2009. Jean Bray, Fish’s wife unearthed the letter when sorting through the possessions of his husband after his demise.

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