World’s Most Expensive Dog – Tibetan

Buying a dog is like buying a smartphone. The initial cost is not too bad, but the service charges. In case of dog, those service charges come in form of veterinarian bill.

A Tibetan mastiff puppy in china won a record-breaking price of the world’s most expensive dog sale.

The ancient breed is a must-have pet for China’s wealthy men, with prices for the giant dogs reaching into the millions. The furry, bear-like dogs are mythologized as having ‘lion’s blood.’

Tibetan were once used for hunting in Central Asia and Tibet, and are said to have “lion’s blood”. They weigh 200 pounds and are know for their loyalty and guardian instincts.

This dog cost 12 million yuan ($2million), it has a golden-hair, measuring about 31 inches tall and weighing almost 200 pounds.

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