www.Speedyrewards.com – How To Register With Speedy Rewards To Earn The Points

Speedway is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores which are located throughout the Midwest and South. The company offers a Speedy Rewards card, which can be used to earn points each time customers use the card. With the points earned, you buy food, gift cards or discounts on fuel.

Before you will be eligible to earn a point, you must have registered online. And right in this article, we shall guide you on the process.

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www.Speedyrewards.com Registration Guide To Earn Rewards

  1. Visit the Speedy rewards official website at www.Speedyrewards.com to register for earning points.
  2. At the homepage, you will see the “sign in” option on the left side of page. Click on it and enter your email id and password in the given fields and access the account to earn the points.
  3. But as a new user, click on the “Sign up” link. From there, you will be directed to another page where you will be asked that either you are having speedy reward card or not?
  4. Click on “Yes, I have speedy reward card” to proceed next.
  5. Now, fill the registration form by providing the speedy reward card number printed on the back side of your card in the first blank.
  6. After that, type in the characters as seen in the image in the given box.
  7. Finally, click on the “Submit” to complete the registration and start to earn the reward points.

NOTE: 10 points are awarded for the purchase of every 1 gallon of fuel as a reward.

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